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Biomolecular dynamics with machine-learned quantum-mechanical force fields trained on diverse chemical fragments

Oliver T. Unke, Martin Stöhr, Stefan Ganscha, Thomas Unterthiner, Hartmut Maennel, Sergii Kashubin, Daniel Ahlin, Michael Gastegger, Leonardo Medrano Sandonas, Joshua T. Berryman, Alexandre Tkatchenko and Klaus-Robert Müller
Science Advances 10 (14) (2024)

Effect of polycaprolactone percentage on thermal and mechanical behavior of polyurethane/polycaprolactone/graphene oxide nanocomposite utilizing molecular dynamics simulation

Shapour Fadaei Heydari, Mohamad Shahgholi, Mehdi Salehi and Seyed Ali Galehdari
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 161 179 (2024)

Understanding the formation chemistry of native solid electrolyte interphase over lithium anode and its implications using a LiTFSI/TME-TTE electrolyte and polysulfide additive

Bikila Nagasa Olana, Shih-Huang Pan, Bing-Joe Hwang, Holger Althues, Jyh-Chiang Jiang and Shawn D. Lin
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 12 (6) 3659 (2024)

Effect of interlayer slipping on the geometric, thermal and adsorption properties of 2D covalent organic frameworks: a comprehensive review based on computational modelling studies

Hasnain Sajid
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 26 (11) 8577 (2024)

The emergence of machine learning force fields in drug design

Mingan Chen, Xinyu Jiang, Lehan Zhang, Xiaoxu Chen, Yiming Wen, Zhiyong Gu, Xutong Li and Mingyue Zheng
Medicinal Research Reviews 44 (3) 1147 (2024)

Multi‐Technique Approach to Identify Potent Antimicrobial Agents from Calotropis procera: Insight into Pharmacophore Modeling, Molecular docking, MD simulation, and DFT Approaches

Maryam Rashid, Neha Sajjad, Nusrat Shafiq, Shagufta Parveen, Rashid Ahmed Khan, Ariba Farooq, Muhammad Shahab, Turki M. Dawoud, Simone Brogi and Mohammed Bourhia
ChemistrySelect 9 (3) (2024)

Revealing Structural and Physical Properties of Polylactide: What Simulation Can Do beyond the Experimental Methods

D. V. Guseva, M. K. Glagolev, A. A. Lazutin and V. V. Vasilevskaya
Polymer Reviews 64 (1) 80 (2024)

Force field study of catechol dimers and catechol-(H2O)n clusters

Emil Obeid, Nimer Murshid, Jack Arayro and Mahmoud Abu-samha
Physica Scripta 98 (12) 125416 (2023)

Computational Approaches for Organic Semiconductors: From Chemical and Physical Understanding to Predicting New Materials

Vinayak Bhat, Connor P. Callaway and Chad Risko
Chemical Reviews 123 (12) 7498 (2023)

Molecular Simulation Techniques as Applied to Silica and Carbon-Based Adsorbents for Carbon Capture

Basil Wadi, Ayub Golmakani, Tohid N.Borhani, Vasilije Manovic and Seyed Ali Nabavi
Energies 16 (13) 5013 (2023)

Establishing Physical and Chemical Mechanisms of Polymerization and Pyrolysis of Phenolic Resins for Carbon-Carbon Composites

Ivan Gallegos, Josh Kemppainen, Jacob R. Gissinger, Malgorzata Kowalik, Adri van Duin, Kristopher E. Wise, S. Gowtham and Gregory M. Odegard
Carbon Trends 12 100290 (2023)

Automatic characterization of drug/amino acid interactions by energy decomposition analysis

Lorena Ruano, Marcos Mandado and Juan J. Nogueira
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 142 (6) (2023)

Molecular modelling of the thermophysical properties of fluids: expectations, limitations, gaps and opportunities

Marcus J. Tillotson, Nikolaos I. Diamantonis, Corneliu Buda, Leslie W. Bolton and Erich A. Müller
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (18) 12607 (2023)

Characterizing the Impact of Mg-Doped Li Metal Anode and Excess Electrons on High Concentration Electrolyte Interfacial Stability: A Theoretical Study

Shih-Huang Pan, Kuan-Yu Lin, Wen-Xiang Wu, Bing Joe Hwang and Jyh-Chiang Jiang
ACS Applied Energy Materials 6 (6) 3291 (2023)

Heat flux for semilocal machine-learning potentials

Marcel F. Langer, Florian Knoop, Christian Carbogno, Matthias Scheffler and Matthias Rupp
Physical Review B 108 (10) (2023)

Fast and accurate calculation on CO2/CH4 competitive adsorption in shale nanopores: From molecular kinetic theory to machine learning model

MengCheng Huang, Hao Yu, HengYu Xu, HouLin Zhang, XiangYu Hong and HengAn Wu
Chemical Engineering Journal 474 145562 (2023)

Investigation of the dynamic interaction between dopants and oxygen vacancies in amorphous Nb2O5: Simulation and experimental study

Chia-Jung Shih, Meng-Hung Tsai, Yu-Chen Chen, Yu-Ta Chen, Ming-Jen Li, Hung-Chi Yen and Cheng-Liang Huang
Materials Science and Engineering: B 298 116891 (2023)

Advances in Pharmacokinetic Modelling and Computational Approaches for Nanoparticles in Drug Delivery Systems

Shivang Dhoundiyal and Md Aftab Alam
Recent Advances in Drug Delivery and Formulation 17 (3) 210 (2023)

Thermal Conductivities of Uniform and Random Sulfur Crosslinking in Polybutadiene by Molecular Dynamic Simulation

Tannaz Alamfard, Tommy Lorenz and Cornelia Breitkopf
Polymers 15 (9) 2058 (2023)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Effective Parameters on the Atomic Behavior and Combustion Performance of Coated Aluminum Hydride Nanoparticles

Fenghong Cao, Mohammed Al-Bahrani, Drai Ahmed Smait, et al.
Materials Today Communications 106586 (2023)

A review of the mechanical, thermal and tribological properties of graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposites: a molecular dynamics simulations methods

Animesh Talapatra and Debasis Datta
Polymer Bulletin 80 (3) 2299 (2023)

Molecular mechanics approaches for rational drug design: forcefields and solvation models

Boris D. Bekono, Alfred N. Sona, Donatus B. Eni, et al.
Physical Sciences Reviews 8 (3) 457 (2023)

Stress and heat flux via automatic differentiation

Marcel F. Langer, J. Thorben Frank and Florian Knoop
The Journal of Chemical Physics 159 (17) (2023)

Effect of High-Temperature Paraffin Impregnation on the Properties of the Amorphous Cellulose Region Based on Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Zening Qu, Wei Wang, Youna Hua and Shilong Cang
Forests 14 (6) 1068 (2023)

Transfer learning using attentions across atomic systems with graph neural networks (TAAG)

Adeesh Kolluru, Nima Shoghi, Muhammed Shuaibi, Siddharth Goyal, Abhishek Das, C. Lawrence Zitnick and Zachary Ulissi
The Journal of Chemical Physics 156 (18) (2022)

A Novel Notion of Local and Nonlocal Deformation-Gamuts to Model Elastoplastic Deformation

Shivang Desai
Journal of Peridynamics and Nonlocal Modeling 4 (2) 215 (2022)

Advances in Molecular Modeling of Ion-Protein Interaction Systems Towards Accurate Electrostatics: Methods and Applications

Lingling Shen
Journal of Computational Biophysics and Chemistry 21 (04) 473 (2022)

Antiviral Drugs - Intervention Strategies

Mohammed Othman Aljahdali, Mohammad Habibur Rahman Molla and Foysal Ahammad
Antiviral Drugs - Intervention Strategies (2022)

Prediction of surface excess adsorption and retention factors in reversed-phase liquid chromatography from molecular dynamics simulations

Fabrice Gritti, Nicole Trebel, Alexandra Höltzel and Ulrich Tallarek
Journal of Chromatography A 1685 463627 (2022)

Drug Target Selection and Validation

Chonny Herrera-Acevedo, Camilo Perdomo-Madrigal, José Alixandre de Sousa Luis, Luciana Scotti and Marcus Tullius Scotti
Computer-Aided Drug Discovery and Design, Drug Target Selection and Validation 1 1 (2022)

The Impact of the Surface Modification on Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Nanocomposite Properties

Arash Fattahi, Peyman Koohsari, Muhammad Shadman Lakmehsari and Khashayar Ghandi
Nanomaterials 12 (1) 155 (2022)

Hoogsteen triplexes stabilized through ethynyl-linked pyrene-indole synthesized by high-temperature Sonogashira coupling

Imrich Géci, Maha I. Fatthalla, Maike Heintz, Per T. Jørgensen and Erik B. Pedersen
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 20 (45) 8873 (2022)

Indirect Measurement Methods for Quality and Process Control in Nanomanufacturing

Zhaoyan Fan, Xiaochen Hu and Robert X. Gao
Nanomanufacturing and Metrology 5 (3) 209 (2022)

Translocating Peptides of Biomedical Interest Obtained from the Spike (S) Glycoprotein of the SARS-CoV-2

Maria C. Henao, Camila Ocasion, Paola Ruiz Puentes, et al.
Membranes 12 (6) 600 (2022)

Temperature guided behavioral transitions in confined helium: Gas-wall interaction effects on dynamics and transport in the cryogenic limit

Swati Swagatika Mishra and Sudeep Bhattacharjee
Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermal Analysis 7 100073 (2022)

Collaborative Assessment of Molecular Geometries and Energies from the Open Force Field

Lorenzo D’Amore, David F. Hahn, David L. Dotson, et al.
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 62 (23) 6094 (2022)

The Role of Energy Scales for the Structure of Ionic Liquids at Electrified Interfaces: A Theory-Based Approach

Max Schammer, Arnulf Latz and Birger Horstmann
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 126 (14) 2761 (2022)

Coupling density functional based tight binding with class 1 force fields in a hybrid QM/MM scheme

Maysa Yusef Buey, Tzonka Mineva and Mathias Rapacioli
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 141 (3) (2022)

Computer Simulations of Aggregation of Proteins and Peptides

Nguyen Truong Co, Mai Suan Li and Pawel Krupa
Methods in Molecular Biology, Computer Simulations of Aggregation of Proteins and Peptides 2340 51 (2022)

An Overview of Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Food Products and Processes

Andrea Smith, Xin Dong and Vijaya Raghavan
Processes 10 (1) 119 (2022)

Ionic liquid-air interface probed by sum frequency generation spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulation: influence of alkyl chain length and anion volume

Feng Huo, Jian Ding, Jiahuan Tong and Hongyan He
Molecular Simulation 48 (10) 844 (2022)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Crystallization Behavior of Octadecane on a Homogeneous Nucleus

Stefanie Tafelmeier and Stefan Hiebler
Crystals 12 (7) 987 (2022)

Numerical Study of the Passage of Natural Gas Components through C60 Fullerite in the Low-Temperature Phase

Vladislav I. Borodin, Alexey M. Bubenchikov, Mikhail A. Bubenchikov, Vyacheslav A. Ovchinnikov and Anna S. Chelnokova
Crystals 12 (11) 1653 (2022)

Computer Simulations of Aggregation of Proteins and Peptides

Rodrigo A. Moreira, Joseph L. Baker, Horacio V. Guzman and Adolfo B. Poma
Methods in Molecular Biology, Computer Simulations of Aggregation of Proteins and Peptides 2340 357 (2022)

Molecular dynamics simulations of phase change materials for thermal energy storage: a review

Hossein Tafrishi, Sadegh Sadeghzadeh and Rouhollah Ahmadi
RSC Advances 12 (23) 14776 (2022)

Data Mining Techniques for the Life Sciences

Jacob A. Bauer and Vladena Bauerová-Hlinková
Methods in Molecular Biology, Data Mining Techniques for the Life Sciences 2449 213 (2022)

Information-theoretical measures identify accurate low-resolution representations of protein configurational space

Margherita Mele, Roberto Covino and Raffaello Potestio
Soft Matter 18 (37) 7064 (2022)

Probing the potential of ureasil-poly(ethylene oxide) as a glyphosate scavenger in aqueous milieu: force-field parameterization and MD simulations

Alechania Misturini, Germano Heinzelmann, Renato L. T. Parreira, Eduardo F. Molina and Giovanni F. Caramori
New Journal of Chemistry 45 (42) 19831 (2021)

Temperature-dependent dynamic structure factors for liquid water inferred from inelastic neutron scattering measurements

G. Noguere, J. P. Scotta, S. Xu, E. Farhi, J. Ollivier, Y. Calzavarra, S. Rols, M. Koza and J. I. Marquez Damian
The Journal of Chemical Physics 155 (2) (2021)

Kinetic model of polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidation in micelles

E.M. Pliss, M.E. Soloviev, D.V. Loshadkin, S.V. Molodochkina and O.T. Kasaikina
Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 237 105089 (2021)

Experimental and theoretical characterization of the interfacial adhesion of 2D heterogeneous materials: A review

Shoaib Anwer, Baosong Li, Shaohong Luo, et al.
Journal of Micromechanics and Molecular Physics 06 (03) 31 (2021)

Phylogenetic and Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction of SARS-CoV-2 Reveals Latent Capacity to Bind Human ACE2 Receptor

Erin Brintnell, Mehul Gupta and Dave W. Anderson
Journal of Molecular Evolution 89 (9-10) 656 (2021)

Stress-strain behaviour of graphene reinforced aluminum nanocomposite under compressive loading using molecular dynamics

Ashish K. Srivastava, Vimal K. Pathak, Ramanpreet Singh and Mithilesh K. Dikshit
Materials Today: Proceedings 44 4521 (2021)

Density functional modeling and total scattering analysis of the atomic structure of a quaternaryCaO−MgO−Al2O3−SiO2(CMAS) glass: Uncovering the local environment of calcium and magnesium

Kai Gong, V. Ongun Özçelik, Kengran Yang and Claire E. White
Physical Review Materials 5 (1) (2021)

Strategies for the Development of Conjugated Polymer Molecular Dynamics Force Fields Validated with Neutron and X-ray Scattering

Caitlyn M. Wolf, Lorenzo Guio, Sage Scheiwiller, et al.
ACS Polymers Au 1 (3) 134 (2021)

Computational Analysis of Water/Cu Nano Fluid Dynamic Viscosity using Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Abdusalam Imhmed K. Al Khwaji, Ali El Shrif, Ali ElShrif and Zulkifly Mohd A
مجلة الجامعة الأسمرية: العلوم التطبيقية 6 (5) (2021)

SAMPL7 Host–Guest Challenge Overview: assessing the reliability of polarizable and non-polarizable methods for binding free energy calculations

Martin Amezcua, Léa El Khoury and David L. Mobley
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 35 (1) 1 (2021)

Homology Molecular Modeling - Perspectives and Applications

Jacob A. Bauer and Vladena Bauerová-Hlinková
Homology Molecular Modeling - Perspectives and Applications (2021)

Evolution of the Computational Pharmaceutics Approaches in the Modeling and Prediction of Drug Payload in Lipid and Polymeric Nanocarriers

Shaymaa A. Abd-algaleel, Hend M. Abdel-Bar, Abdelkader A. Metwally and Rania M. Hathout
Pharmaceuticals 14 (7) 645 (2021)

Davis Computational Spectroscopy Workflow—From Structure to Spectra

L. S. R. Cavalcante, Luke L. Daemen, Nir Goldman and Adam J. Moulé
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 61 (9) 4486 (2021)

From System Modeling to System Analysis: The Impact of Resolution Level and Resolution Distribution in the Computer-Aided Investigation of Biomolecules

Marco Giulini, Marta Rigoli, Giovanni Mattiotti, et al.
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 8 (2021)

Comparing Dimerization Free Energies and Binding Modes of Small Aromatic Molecules with Different Force Fields

Ilias Patmanidis, Riccardo Alessandri, Alex H. de Vries and Siewert J. Marrink
Molecules 26 (19) 6069 (2021)

Quantifying the Local Structure of Nanocrystals, Glasses, and Interfaces Using TEM-Based Diffraction

Karen M. Ehrhardt, Rebecca C. Radomsky and Scott C. Warren
Chemistry of Materials 33 (23) 8990 (2021)

Innovations and Implementations of Computer Aided Drug Discovery Strategies in Rational Drug Design

Neetu Jabalia, Atul Kumar, Vinit Kumar and Reshma Rani
Innovations and Implementations of Computer Aided Drug Discovery Strategies in Rational Drug Design 245 (2021)

Computational strategies for the discovery of biological functions of health foods, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals: a review

Laureano E. Carpio, Yolanda Sanz, Rafael Gozalbes and Stephen J. Barigye
Molecular Diversity 25 (3) 1425 (2021)

Functional Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials and Biomolecules

Carlton Anthony Taft, Jose Gabriel Solano Canchaya, Jose Divino dos Santos and Junio Cesar Francisco Silva
Engineering Materials, Functional Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials and Biomolecules 27 (2021)

Innovations and Implementations of Computer Aided Drug Discovery Strategies in Rational Drug Design

Prateek Kumar, Nitin Sharma, Amit Kumar and Rajanish Giri
Innovations and Implementations of Computer Aided Drug Discovery Strategies in Rational Drug Design 317 (2021)

QM/MM Molecular Dynamics Investigation of the Binding of Organic Phosphates to the 100 Diaspore Surface

Prasanth B. Ganta, Oliver Kühn and Ashour A. Ahmed
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 3 (2020)

Principal mode of Syndecan‐4 mechanotransduction for the endothelial glycocalyx is a scissor‐like dimer motion

Xi Zhuo Jiang, Kai H. Luo and Yiannis Ventikos
Acta Physiologica 228 (3) (2020)

Investigating the effects of adding hybrid nanoparticles, graphene and boron nitride nanosheets, to octadecane on its thermal properties

Hossein Tafrishi, Sadegh Sadeghzadeh, Fatemeh Molaei and Hossein Siavoshi
RSC Advances 10 (25) 14785 (2020)

Classical molecular dynamics on graphics processing unit architectures

Ádám Jász, Ádám Rák, István Ladjánszki and György Cserey
WIREs Computational Molecular Science 10 (2) (2020)

Comparison of CHARMM and OPLS-aa forcefield predictions for components in one model asphalt mixture

Kolawole Sonibare, Lasantha Rathnayaka and Liqun Zhang
Construction and Building Materials 236 117577 (2020)

Reactive Molecular Dynamics at Constant Pressure via Nonreactive Force Fields: Extending the Empirical Valence Bond Method to the Isothermal-Isobaric Ensemble

Ivan Scivetti, Kakali Sen, Alin M. Elena and Ilian Todorov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124 (37) 7585 (2020)

Peptide science: A “rule model” for new generations of peptidomimetics

Hannah R. Reese, Calvin C. Shanahan, Caroline Proulx and Stefano Menegatti
Acta Biomaterialia 102 35 (2020)

Development of Density Functional Tight-Binding Parameters Using Relative Energy Fitting and Particle Swarm Optimization

Néstor F. Aguirre, Amanda Morgenstern, M. J. Cawkwell, Enrique R. Batista and Ping Yang
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 16 (3) 1469 (2020)

Benchmark assessment of molecular geometries and energies from small molecule force fields

Victoria T. Lim, David F. Hahn, Gary Tresadern, Christopher I. Bayly and David L. Mobley
F1000Research 9 1390 (2020)

Thermophysical Properties of Amorphous‐Paracrystalline Celluloses by Molecular Dynamics

Jurgen Lange Bregado, Frederico Wanderley Tavares, Argimiro Resende Secchi and Iuri Soter Viana Segtovich
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 29 (4) (2020)

Design, Screening, and Testing of Non-Rational Peptide Libraries with Antimicrobial Activity: In Silico and Experimental Approaches

Paola Ruiz Puentes, María C. Henao, Carlos E. Torres, et al.
Antibiotics 9 (12) 854 (2020)

Determining the unbinding events and conserved motions associated with the pyrazinamide release due to resistance mutations of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pyrazinamidase

Olivier Sheik Amamuddy, Thommas Mutemi Musyoka, Rita Afriyie Boateng, Sophakama Zabo and Özlem Tastan Bishop
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 18 1103 (2020)

Investigation of tetracosane thermal transport in presence of graphene and carbon nanotube fillers––A molecular dynamics study

Hossein Tafrishi, Sadegh Sadeghzadeh, Rouhollah Ahmadi, Fatemeh Molaei, Farrokh Yousefi and Hamidreza Hassanloo
Journal of Energy Storage 29 101321 (2020)

Invited Review: Modern Methods for Accurately Simulating the Terahertz Spectra of Solids

Michael T. Ruggiero
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 41 (5) 491 (2020)